ATM Malware Discussion with Daniel Regalado (Author: Gray Hat Hacking)

Video Post: In this Vlog Bally, CTO Cyber Security Think Tank, has a discussion with Daniel Regalado, author of Gray Hat Hacking, around different tools and practices hackers use to break into ATMs.

Daniel talks about hackers working with crooked bank employees and installing malware like Ploutus to get money out of the ATMs. The malware is installed via CD rom or USB. Daniel also touches on malware known as Padpin and Tyupkin are being used in Eastern Europe to break into ATMs.

In addition to ATM malware, criminals are stealing money via connecting a phone inside an ATM via a USB. Then a message is sent to the phone and money is dispensed to a waiting person from the criminal organization.

Daniel is a Malware and Vulnerability Researcher and the Lead Author of Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook, Edition 4. Daniel has done a lot of research on ATM Malware and has authored a paper on Ploutus. You can read more about it here:

Here is a video of Daniel demonstrating how criminals are breaking into ATM to get cash:

Feel free to connect with Daniel on LinkedIn:

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