Top certifications to become part of the CyberSecurity workforce

Video Blog: We all know that Cybersecurity certifications are your entry way into the cybersecurity marketplace. But where does one start? Today I had a chance to sit down with Timber Wolfe, who is the chief instructor of CSTT, to discuss the top certifications in the industry. Timber is a very sought after cybersecurity consultant who has worked with some of the top corporations in the world and the DoD.  Check out Timber’s LinkedIn page:

According to Timber the cybersecurity certifications everyone should start with are CEH, Security+, and Network+. All 3 certifications give you the evolution of security.

Timber also believes that CEH is the foundation for Security+ and Network+ plus it is the first steping stone beyond the IAM 1 and IAM2 government certifications.

When asked how Online education differs from in person workshops or boot camps, Timber states online education format allows him to make the content more current and less stagnant.

Please view the video above for the full conversation.

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