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Cyber security sector is suffering from a severe skill gap with over 1 million unfilled jobs worldwide. While rest of technology sectors are advancing at significant rates, cyber security is falling behind and it’s just a matter of time before we are faced with a catastrophic event where governments are disrupted and grids are compromised.

What is causing cyber security to fall behind and how do we fix it? The answer is simple: Cyber Security Training, or there lack of.

While cyber security training exists, the cyber security training model is, in many ways, broken. Below are the 3 main challenges facing the cyber security training:

  1. Cost: Cyber security training is expensive with many certifications costing between $4K – $6K each. This makes it very hard for an employer to send their employees to get trained and makes even harder for an individual to spend their own money to excel their careers.
  2. Outdated Content: The fact is technology is changing very fast but the training has stayed stagnant. After talking to numerous employers, the biggest challenge they face is retraining a new hire because they are inept to do their job even though they were qualified and met the hiring criteria; costing the company time and resources.
  3. Limited online training: While there are some online offerings available, they are no better than watching a horror movie. The users are force fed hours of difficult content and are expected to learn. There are no social tools or collaboration.

The team at Cyber Security Think Tank has been in the online training space for over 7 years and clearly understands the challenges involved in online learning. Below are 5 reasons why is the right choice to quickly reduce the existing skill gap:

  1. Cost: Low monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to all the content with the option to cancel anytime.
  2. Content: Over 500 courses taught by top experts including the lead author of Gray Hat Hacking, the users will receive traditional certification prep + Labs including CEH, Network+, etc. Additionally, CSTT will offer latest and greatest content and CSTT certification, allowing the users to stay up to date and relevant.
  3. Accessibility: Powerful and engaging platform allows students to access the academy anytime, anyplace, and from any device. With a powerful mobile app, students will have the capability to download classes for later consumption.
  4. Ongoing content: CSTT will continue to add new content on a weekly basis made up of new certifications and outside the wall content including blogs, interviews, and much more.
  5. Peer engagement: All content is delivered in bite size pieces with a rich social layer on top allowing the students to engage with the content, other students, and the educators. There are quizzes to test the student’s knowledge and a point system to promote activity and incentive participation.
  6. White Label Academy: If you are an large company or organization, CSTT has the ability to create a separate stand alone academy your audience. The cloned academy will inherit your company or organization branding and will be accessible to your audience only. Additionally there will have the option to customize the learning paths to match your needs. Other features include powerful security features, rich B&I analytics, and administrative support.

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