Ukraine Power Plant Hack and What You Need To Know

Video Blog: The Ukraine power plant hack happened and how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again. In this first episode of a multiple part blog series, I sit down with Dennis Skarr to really understand the basics of the attack that knocked out power for over 80,000 people a few days before Christmas. We discuss who we believe is behind the hacks and what tools were leveraged in the attack.

Dennis opens up talking about a new class he is teaching at Everett Community College called Intro to Cyber Warfare. The class is made up of criminal justice students and IT students and are taught how to respond to a Cyber Warfare Attack.

Then we dive into the details of the Ukraine attack and discuss Black energy and Kill Disk, the tools believed to be used in the attack. We also bring up a third mystery tool that actually knocked out the control systems.

We also discuss the additional attack on the phone control system that blinded dispatchers to slowdown the response time to prolong the power outage.

We close out the blog by discussing if a similar event could take place in the US.

Dennis is a CyberSecurity College Instructor and a Military Security Analyst. Feel free to connect with Dennis on LinkedIn:

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