Monthly Archives: February 2016

Friday Cyber Headlines (Video): Locky Malware, LA Hospital Ransomware, IoTs

Video Blog: In this episode I sit down with Professor Dennis Skarr to discuss the top cyber security stories of the week. Locky Malware LA Hospital Ransomware Attack Explaining IoTs (Internet of Things)

Friday Cyber Headlines (Video): Adwind RAT, Netflix Scams, and Eagles vs Drones

In this episode of ‘Friday Headlines’, I sit down with Dennis Skarr to discuss the top stories of the week. We comb through hundreds of cyber security stories out there and pick 3 that are the most relevant and interesting to the Cyber Security Think Tank academy. We try to… Read more »

Understanding NICE in 2 Minutes (National Initiative for Cyber Security Education)

Video Blog: We get asked a lot what NICE is and what importance does it bring to the cyber security training space. In this video I give you a quick breakdown of how NICE was born, what benefits it brings to cyber security space, and why was one of… Read more »

What is CyberTraining 365?

As we all know the number of cyber attacks has grown every year and in 2015 alone hundreds of companies lost over $575 billion due to these hack attacks. Now, more than ever, companies and government organizations are desperate to protect their infrastructure and applications against additional attacks. The influx… Read more »