What is CyberTraining 365?

As we all know the number of cyber attacks has grown every year and in 2015 alone hundreds of companies lost over $575 billion due to these hack attacks. Now, more than ever, companies and government organizations are desperate to protect their infrastructure and applications against additional attacks.

The influx in attacks can be blamed on the evolving technology being used by criminals. Hackers don’t need the skills or resources they one needed to penetrate and hack networks.  Thanks to efficient and effective tools, readily available in the underground markets, attacks are taking place more frequently and at larger scales. Additionally these tools have made the job so much easier, there is a huge increase in cyber criminals joining the ranks across the globe

Security Professional Shortage

Due to increased attacks, there is a very high demand for skilled cyber security professionals to defend and protect against these cyber attacks. However, the problem is there just aren’t enough qualified cyber security professionals to match the ever growing global demand. As a matter of fact, there are over 1 million unfilled cyber security jobs worldwide.

Why are there so many jobs open and not enough cyber security professionals available to fulfill these jobs. Well I think there are a few different reasons for this.

  1. Traditional academia just can’t keep up with the pace of constant change in cyber security. Additionally most professionals don’t have the time or resources to sit in classrooms and go through the traditional learning model.
  2. Industry standard certifications are outdated and are unable to keep up with the rapid change in technology and learning methods today’s learners expect.

Why CyberTraining 365 (CT365) is the Solution 

This is where www.CyberTraining365.com comes in. Cyber Security Think Tank is a subscription based online academy that offers the most current, most relevant, cutting edge cyber security training including:

  1. Most in demand industry certification prep like CEH, NETWORK+, SECURITY+
  2. CyberTraining 365 accredited certifications including Threat Intelligence Researcher, Advanced Persistent Threat Defender, and Web Application Defender

All content is aligned with the National Initiative for Cyber Security Education, making it easier for organizations and government agencies to quickly do a skill gap assessment and effectively train the right people. Additionally, the content Cyber Security Think Tank offers is original content taught by some of the best trainers and industry experts including lead author of Gray Hat Hacking. The academy also offers original certifications, labs, and out of the box content that can’t be found anywhere else.

The learning paths in the academy are designed for everyone from the newbie trying to get their foot inside the door or the IT professional looking to cross over to security or the industry expert looking to learn about the latest threats or trends in the industry.

In addition to great content taught by the industry experts, what really sets CyberTraining 365 apart from is how the content is delivered. This academy is built on top of a proven social learning environment where the users will have the opportunity to collaborate and actively engage with other users, the instructor, and the content. To test the student’s knowledge, there are interative online labs, exams, and much more. And all is available via any device at anytime.

The ultimate goal for CyberTraining 365 to create a vibrant community of cyber security professionals who are learning, networking, and collaborating to defend against the world’s cyber security threats.


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