Friday Cyber Headlines (Video): Adwind RAT, Netflix Scams, and Eagles vs Drones

In this episode of ‘Friday Headlines’, I sit down with Dennis Skarr to discuss the top stories of the week. We comb through hundreds of cyber security stories out there and pick 3 that are the most relevant and interesting to the Cyber Security Think Tank academy. We try to make these videos short, educational, and light hearted so they can be easily consumed and our audience can take something away from them.

In this episode, I pick Dennis’ brain around the following topics or headlines:

Adwind RAT: Rat is a Remote Access Trojan piece of software that that can hook into your work station, your computer, and allow it to use different services remotely by the attacker. The popular Adwind RAT has taken the RAT practice to the next level by adding business savviness to the purchase process. The Java Based remote access tool is available in different languages and can even be purchased via SaaS based subscription model (RAT-as-a-Service).

Since the Adwind is a Java based remote acess tool, it is very agile and can work across all platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android. The malware author bundles the RAT together Java for fake JAVA downloads available on different websites. The unexpected user is thinking they are downloading Java but are actually getting something entirely different and cynical.

The takeaway is be careful what you are downloading and pay close attention to where you are downloading software from. If Java is spelled Jaba, it probably is not the right thing.

Netflix scams: Netflix is not global and that opens them up all type of different unforeseen challenges. With this new opportunity for people to watch videos, there is also an opportunity to people to commit crime. In this scenario, the criminals are setting up fake Netflix ads populated across the pages users browse. When the unexpected user clicks on one of the ads, they are driven to a fake Netflix page that looks legitimate and that is where malware is downloaded on to your computer.

The second piece is phishing where the user receives an email enticing them to log into their Netflix page with some type of an offer. Again this is a fake Netflix site and after the user enters their credentials. From there the user credentials are harvested, repackaged, and bundled to be sold on the black market for 25 cents.

The take away here is be careful clicking on different ads, try to make sure they are genuine. Also don’t click on links in your email unless you are familiar with the source.

Eagles vs Drones: Low tech solution to a high tech problem. With drones getting cheaper, many people are getting into the drone craze and they aren’t using them where they should be. Drone are going where they shouldn’t like near airports, crime scenes, and it is causing all kind of problems. The solutions is Birds of Prey!

Thanks everyone for watching and please come back next week for another episode of ‘Friday Cyber Headlines’.

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