Friday Cyber Headlines (Video): World Cyber War 3

Video Blog: Every Friday, we present to you the most pertinent, news-worthy stories regarding cyber safety. As we continually rely on online platforms to store our most private and vulnerable information, new techniques are in constant development in order to take advantage of this progressive landscape. Luckily, we’re here to keep you updated with the tools and trends necessary to be sure your cyber catalogs and valuable data aren’t at risk.

This Friday we sit down with Daniel Regalado to discuss the dangers of hacking on a global scale.

World Cyber War 3: The Dangers of Massive Scale Cyber Information Theft

Societies across the globe are becoming increasingly saturated with the convenience of communicating through- and storing information on- online platforms. Paralleling this trend are an increasing number of headlines about countries hacking into confidential files to gain intelligence about countries out side of their alliances; having a personal identity stolen is no longer the worst of cyber crimes. We’ve scene cases reported involving China, North Korea and Russia popping up consistently in the news. With so many variables on the World Wide Web, it seems our personal and national security are at greater risk than ever. With very important- and potentially damaging- information kept online, it is more pressing than ever to have the most up to date knowledge about cyber crime and cyber security.

Crimeware: Advancements in Cyber Crime Technology

There are new strategies for committing cyber crimes in constant development. One recent addition is “crimeware” a piece of malware dedicated to facilitating illegal online activity. These breaches of guarded information can remain undetected for extended periods of time, creating maximum harm to the victims of such offenses. At Cyber Training 365, we are dedicated to teaching you the current tools and skills required to defend yourself and your business agains these malicious offenders.

Keep tuning in for accessible information about current events, trends in the field, and how you can be best prepared!

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