(Re)Introducing Ourselves: CyberTraining 365

Self reflection is crucial to making conscious choices about one’s identity. We often build constructs reflecting our perception of the world which, once labeled, become who we are. This is true for individuals as well as businesses and often requires reassessment to break down preconceived personas and more accurately portray the essence of our inherent value. Through reevaluation, reassessment and reimagining ourselves as what we are- an integral tool for cybersecurity education with immediate access to current information about this constantly developing field.

As an e-learning platform available 24 hours a day, year round, with dozens of courses teaching basic to advanced cybersecurity knowledge for over twelve certifications Cyber Security Think Tank just doesn’t quite describe our all encompassing teaching model. With all of these learning pathways in mind, along with: weekly video blogs about the most recent cybersecurity news, partnerships with leading experts in the field, and an emphasis on growing parallel with the constantly changing climate of cybersecurity, we are proud to say that Cyber Security Think Tank is now CyberTraining 365!

CyberTraining LOGO

Returning students will note that three new certification courses have recently been added (A Plus, Network Plus and Security Plus) we’ve recently added a plethora of classes and vlog updates, and our platform is under way of becoming more stream line, just like our new- more fitting- identity. We strive to maintain our impenetrable foundation during this shift with the times and always make it the forefront of our efforts to help fill the skill gap so desperately discussed in the world of cybersecurity. CyberTraining 365 communicates most clearly all of the aspects which make us who we are. We are knowledgeable, stimulating and always accessible. We are CyberTraining 365.

If you are new to CyberTraining 365, we urge you to sign up for the trial and tell us your thoughts! We are confident that our courses will change the way you think about cybersecurity and give you the tools to be a valuable asset an increasingly important field.

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