CyberSecurity Headlines: What Non-Technical Professionals Need to Know

What the staff needs to know:

There are two schools of thought about cybersecurity training and maintenance within a company. A very common approach is just to send reminders of previous training. This tactic is just meant to keep precaution on the forefront of employees minds, assuming they already know what to look out for in terms of cybersecurity threats. The second is to train staff to be able to accomplish baseline cybersecurity techniques, then have a method for maintaining awareness with the learned precautions and protocol.

If something seems suspicious report it! Send fishy e-mails to your InfoSec team for review before clicking links. Or verify with your boss that this document/link was expected and safe.

Everyone needs to be educated, trained, and constantly reminded of potential cybersecurity threats.

Tune in next week for more of the latest news in cybersecurity!

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