5 Reasons DevOps and Cybersecurity are a Match Made in Heaven

A Heavenly Match for your IT Department

DevOps and Cybersecurity

5 Reasons DevOps and Cybersecurity are a Match Made in Heaven

DevOps is about creating possibilities; security is about shutting down access. DevOps tell customers “Yes!” while security tells criminals “No.” DevOps is tired of security slowing down the software development lifecycle; security is suspicious of all the password reset requests from DevOps.

While any kid with a magnet can tell you that opposites attract, from an organizational standpoint, opposites tend to get siloed. Like characters in a tense cable drama, DevOps and Cybersecurity are the two that you know will end up together by the mid-season finale.

Your company will benefit enormously when DevOps and Cybersecurity stop wasting their energies and start coordinating their strengths.

In order to compel these two to their future life partnership, it requires a little matchmaking expertise from management. Here is the ammunition needed to help this, unwittingly, perfect pair see eye to eye.

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DevOps and cyber security

1. SecDevOps is the Future

You know that software will be required to conform to regulations and industry standards, but it’s counter-intuitive to force development into a governance straight-jacket after the fact.

Developing with the audit in mind, from the prototype stage, will help operations be stream-lined and efficient from the start, keeping all departments on the same page, harmoniously.

2. Dev and Ops Set the Precedent

The goal is growth and expansion. As your release times shrink and your blameless postmortems expand, you need to fold in stronger protections for customer information and private company data. Bringing security in earlier is just a continuation of the process that brought operations into development in the first place.

3. Hackers are Getting Smarter

Nothing brings people together like a common enemy. For Security and DevOps, that enemy is hackers. How many exploits will you read about before your business is in the headlines? If this question rattles you at all, it’s because this could be the singular reason why security needs to be a part of the development discussion much earlier.

Every flaw and latency is an opening for cyber criminals. The wider DevOps spreads over data centers, virtual machines and hybrid clouds, greater is the need for unified security overseeing the entire enterprise.

4. They Speak the Same Language

Both DevOps and Security sets down metrics for quality, reliability and user experience. Although they each come with insights from a different perspective, they use and understand the same information. Ultimately, everyone is on the same team with the same goal: keep the customers happy and the data reliable.

5. The Inherent Danger of Speed

This point should be the icing on the proverbial wedding cake between DevOps and Security. Your business needs computing speed, but a speedy virus will completely take out operations.

DevOps and Security have to work closely together in order to be sure that any malware is contained and eliminated immediately. Seconds matter, in terms of liability and financial damage. The two departments must have coordinated alters and responses in place for vulnerable data to be kept safe and sound.

Happily Ever After

Both DevOps and Security will be much happier once they start working together more effectively. Share the new DevOps and Security Manifesto with your team.

In the old days, Dev build it, Ops ran it and Sec kept it safe. With the New Industrial Revolution Ford’s assembly line is out. Today’s market winners are the companies that support close collaboration between their department to make it all happen cohesively an amorously.
Check out this document from ISACA about Building your SecDevOps Toolkit.

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