Tenable Network Security Partnership Announcement

Tenable Network Security Partnership Announcement

Tenable Network Security

With CyberTraining 365 being the best destination for furthering your cybersecurity training and education, and Tenable Network Security providing technologies eliminating blind spots, prioritizing threats and reducing exposure and loss, the benefits of a partnership between us were easy to see. Tenable Network Security is transforming security technology through comprehensive solutions that offer critical context and continuous visibility to organizations. Tools such as the Nessus-Vulnerability-Scanner (helping organizations identify and prioritize vulnerabilities across virtual environments, clouds and mobile) and SecurityCenter (offering a clear view of an organization’s security posture) are what make Tenable Network Security a hallmark of innovation in the cybersecurity field. Here, at CyberTraining 365, we have made it our mission to offer our student’s the most effective, relevant and current tools and methodologies in cybersecurity, which is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Tenable Network Security.

CyberTraining 365 offers self-paced, online training courses which are on the industry standards, latest technologies and up-to-date methodologies regarding cybersecurity. Students have been easily mastering Penetration Testing, Analyzing Malware, Threat Intelligence Research, Advanced Persistent Threats, Reverse Engineering and many more foundational cybersecurity topics since Cybertraining 365’s inception. Now, students will also learn about the essential technologies used by Tenable Network Security as well as gain practical experience with their methodology. Through learning about Tenable Network Security’s technologies, students build an understanding about enabling continuous adaptation of security programs to better protect businesses which is not only a great addition to technical knowledge, but also in conceptualizing and applying cybersecurity programs for organizations.

Having advanced knowledge in use and application of the Nessus-Vulnerability-Scanner gives cybersecurity professionals a competitive edge and in-depth understanding of a highly useful and effective tool available to organizations. It’s important for cybersecurity professionals to be well-versed in current and new technologies developing in the field, Tenable Network Security has some of the most revolutionary technology the cybersecurity industry has to offer. Tenable Network Security covers organizations from on-premises security to the cloud. Knowledge about, and practical experience with, these comprehensive and agile technologies will make any cybersecurity professional gain added confidence in having a broad perspective about possible solutions for organizations’ cybersecurity needs; making them an asset to any client.

CyberTraining 365 is a comprehensive library of cybersecurity classes which enable practical application while allowing the student to control their learning pace and absorption rate. With interactive labs and a responsive community, CyberTraining 365 provides solutions for a variety of learning styles while covering an array of imperative, relevant and current topics and certifications surrounding cybersecurity. Our LMS is also ideal for training use by enterprise, government and educational organizations.

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