What is CyberTraining 365?

What is CyberTraining 365?

what is CyberTraining 365

Whether you’ve been reading our blog and following our social media accounts for a while, or are just now stumbling upon our site and content, it’s possible you’re still unsure about who we are and what we do. I wanted to clear up any questions about our platform for anybody considering signing up for our academy, or for those who have heard our name and are simply curious about who we are. So, without further ado…

What is CyberTraining 365?

We are an online, subscription-based academy of cyber security certification course work with over 1,000 hours of content. We have course work, quizzes, labs and additional content pertaining to socket programming, EC-Council, CompTIA and Cisco certifications, as well as our own cyber security certification courses. On top of all that, we are constantly adding new courses and content to help our users achieve their certification, knowledge, and career-based goals. We have EC-Council certified trainers who are active experts in the field and are even an EC-Council certified testing center.

CyberTraining 365 Original Certifications

CyberTraining 365 has many original certification courses, and counting. These certifications are aimed at filling the gaps which many existing certifications do not account for. Many certification courses are outdated or highly specific in focus and can’t contribute an up-to-date, well-rounded understanding of the cyber security landscape of today. These courses are meant to supplement those holes in the broader coursework that is available to those training for entry/further expertise in the cyber security field.

Here’s a taste of just some of the enticingly relevant coursework we offer:

Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation

Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation

This course demonstrates how to defend large scale network infrastructure by building and maintaining intrusion detection systems, network security auditing, and incident response techniques.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Researcher

Using Virustotal Intelligence, we teach you how to hunt for malware, decompile VBA macros with Didier Steven tools, cluster similar samples, correlate and document the full attack flow, and techniques to identify the threat actors behind the attack and how to track their future movements.

Advanced Persistent Threat Defender

what is cybertraining 365

This certification will require clearing CMSA first to be able to start learning how to dissect nation-state-sponsored attacks. You will learn techniques to dynamically instrument binaries during execution and understand how to dissect the most sophisticated APT of our era.

All of these, and any other of our original courses result in this certification which you can save for your records, or print out and hang on your office wall!

For all of our original classes, you also gain a Certificate of Completion which you can print for your office, add to your LinkedIn profile, and share on social media to show your dedication and knowledge to these highly desired skill sets. Certificate of Completion

How will CyberTraining 365 help me reach my goals?

Looking to break into a cyber security career, but don’t know where to start? Need a course that fits the specific training needs of your IT employees? An industry expert who wants to teach your security team about a specific topic or skill? CyberTraining 365 can fit all your needs with customized learning paths, curated course work, or you can work with us to develop an entirely new course!

what is cybertraining 365

Can I track my progress and gain supplemental knowledge?

Yes! There are quizzes to help you get a better idea of your grasp of the information in a course. Labs give your more comprehensive, practical knowledge of skills using real security tools. Not only that, but your dashboard will help you track your progress throughout multiple courses, and a manager dashboard will help you see how everyone on your team is progressing.

With chat rooms where you can connect with instructors and other students, you can get questions answered and all the help you need to succeed and feel fully prepared to tackle exams or take your new knowledge back to your company.

Our support team is always here for you to help answer any additional questions as well.

Why should I trust CyberTraining 365?

There are so many reasons! Our instructors are EC-Council certified trainers and active experts in the field who have written pivotal books and lectures on the subject spanning around the globe. Following the NICE framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We were awarded the Cyber Security Excellence Award for Best Cybersecurity Education Provider this year, and Owler’s Hot in Redmond last year.

Owler Hot in the City Awardscyber security excellence awards

If all this doesn’t convince you, just listen to our students!

“I completed the course today and I must say that it was awesome. It was like a Harry Potter novel for me that I can’t wait to know what happens next while reading and in that curiosity I finished the course very soon.. It was very well explained, you really did a great job here. I will surely look for other similar courses from you. I expect more labs on static and dynamic analysis in this course.”


“I joined CyberTraining 365 to keep up to date with industry certifications but ended up learning entirely new concepts like threat intelligence which isn’t thought anywhere else.”


what is cybertraining 365

what is CyberTraining 365

what is cybertraining 365what is CyberTraining 365

CyberTraining 365 is an online academy that offers nearly 1,000 hours of relevant and cutting edge cyber security training. Our training provides the most in demand industry certification prep courses including EC-Council, CompTIA, (ISC)2 and Cisco; all taught by leading cyber security experts. All of our offerings are aligned with the national initiative for cyber security education (NICE) and ensure the most up-to-date information for this constantly shifting field. With engaging content in a scenario-based format, CyberTraining 365 uses bite-sized micro-learning methodology ensures learners are not overwhelmed with information. On Demand LMS platform has white-label capabilities ideal for internal training purposes.


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