#CyberHeadlines: Rule 41 Amendment

#CyberHeadlines: Rule 41 Amendment

Rule 41 Amendments are now in place

Earlier this year, the FBI was granted a warrant allowing them to hack computers visiting a dark net child pornography site via Playpen on Tor. Initially, they reportedly hacked 1,000 users who visited the site by distributing a malware allowing the FBI to gather the real IP addresses of said users. Recently, it came out that they actually hacked over 8,000 computers over 120 countries. This sort of mass hacking brings up a litany of ethical questions. Aside from child pornography being in the mix, and the implications of hacking computers in 120 countries, there is a serious privacy concern when the FBI can perform mass hacking without interference.

With this incident in mind, we are now approaching the acceptance of Rule 41. Rule 41 is a new law set to go into place which would allow law enforcement to hack multiple computers with a single search warrant. In the past, they’ve been confined to a county or region where a search warrant is granted, but under the new law, it seems the possibilities of who can be legally hacked are limitless. Many are arguing that this new rule is in conflict with the 4th amendment. Congress still has the power to overturn Rule 41 and the debate surrounding the constitutional standing behind it will likely continue well into the new president-elect’s transition.

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