#CyberHeadlines: UK Cyber Security Legacy

#CyberHeadlines: UK Cyber Security Legacy

Legacy WWII coding building now cybersecurity school in UK

The Government Code and Cipher School at Bletchley Park is returning to its cyber security legacy, by being converted back into a school for cybersecurity. Bletchley Park is where Alan Turing cracked the Nazi Military’s Enigma Machine as well as cracking the Tunny codes, helping to take down the Nazi war machine. Along with these victories, he also championed the elementary DNA of the first home computer as well as the first utterings of artificial intelligence. We still use the “Turing test” as the hallmark of true machine intelligence. In the 60’s, we also established the Turing Prize as the technology equivalent to the Nobel Prize.

Quite a legacy. And since shortly after WWII, the Government Code and Cipher School at Bletchley Park hasn’t been utilized quite the same. In fact, since the 90’s it has been utilized as a museum. Last week it was announced that part of Bletchley Park will be UK’s first not-for-profit cybersecurity college. The school will provide free cybersecurity education for those graduating UK’s high school equivalent and who have the necessary coding skills. The school is set to open in 2018. I hope the students there understand the great legacy they are carrying.

(I feel it imperative to add the mistreatment the state conducted upon Alan Turing leading to his death, after the war. As a gay man, he was forced to undergo chemical castration with estrogen which gave him breasts and made him severely depressed, eventually leading to his suicide at the ripe age of 42. It is extremely unfortunate Alan Turing couldn’t continue to live in peace, as I’m sure we didn’t see all of the innovations he could have mustered.)

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