#CyberHeadlines: When your VPN is out to get you

When your VPN is out to get you#CyberHeadlines: When your VPN is out to get you

Nicholas Deleon, writer at Motherboard, posted an article last week about a cyber fraud that targeted him recently. The story is perplexing, and comically written, and is a fun read (I recommend it). Deleon’s speculative reasoning suggests that new legislation allowing cable servers to sell users’ data has not only spawned a heightened interest in VPNs, but also a segment of black-hat hackers looking to exploit civilian’s fears. Essentially, Deleon got an email from a provider called MySafeVPN claiming to be a Plex affiliate. Deleon reached out to Plex to find that they had no such connection/partnership. Deleon connected with users in a Plex discussion board who had similar experiences and suspicions, sharing screen shots of phishy messages. Deleon even reached out to, who he eventually found to be, the owner of MySafeVPN and was met with great hostility. He also talked to a friend who had signed up for the services but found no VPN server to connect to.

Moral of the story? Do research about the VPN you are thinking about subscribing to as cyber criminals are catching on to trends and fear tactics to manipulate unsuspecting internet users, who are trying to protect their data, into petty scams. Nicholas Deleon also shared a Motherboard guide to trusted VPNs which includes: Freedome, PIA (Private Internet Access) and Tor.

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