GDPR Day Has Commenced

GDPR day

GDPR Day has commenced

May 25th is finally upon us, which means GDPR day has commenced. Many companies are likening GDPR to the dreaded Y2K we faced at the end of the last millennium.  Sure, it is true that they do share a sense of major consequences if requirements aren’t met by a certain date. But, GDPR is not like Y2K in such a way that you can make a quick one-time fix to avoid doomsday and forget about it.

GDPR day is only the beginning

Unfortunately for companies (but very fortunate for data subjects), the implementation of GDPR is only the beginning of a long compliance journey. The GDPR is a continuous process of improvement for companies like yours.  Experts are predicting that it could take as long as five years before we see high levels of true GDPR compliance.  This isn’t the least bit surprising, as a report surveying IT professionals revealed that 85% companies in the US and Europe are not prepared for GDPR.

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GDPR preparedness solution

In this blog, we’ll talk about the easiest, and most effective, solution to prepare your organization for the GDPR.  This solution also has the added benefit of offering organizations the best return on investment (ROI).  The solution to GDPR unpreparedness is simple, GDPR Employee Awareness Training.  Let me tell you why this type of training is so important.

Getting GDPR wrong can be costly

You may have done everything in your power to set up data protection systems, procedures, and policies within your organization to ensure compliance with this regulation.  Despite your best efforts, they are worthless without your staff’s full comprehension of compliance. Staff members who are unaware of data protection best-practices are the weakest link.  This leads to a higher risk to exposure of data breaches.

Not only is Employee Awareness important for organizations in order to combat these costly risks, it is pertinent to prove that your staff has been trained. This is in order to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to GDPR compliance.

GDPR requires employee training

Perhaps you are willing to take the risk of not taking the initiative to train your employees.  Maybe the exposure to data breaches is not a large enough threat to constitute such a large endeavor within your organization.  I would not recommend this path, as GDPR requires within its legislature that you must train employees to be aware.  You must prove that you have done so to the EU’s regulating body known as the Supervisory Authority.  This avoids the risk of liability for steep penalties from GDPR. These fines could amount up to €20 million, or 4% of your annual global revenue.

Microsoft 365 GDPR Compliance

Need a training solution?

Training doesn’t have to be a daunting task that you’d rather avoid. Our certified online academy at CyberTraining 365 might be the perfect solution to get your organization up-to-speed and GDPR ready. We offer a full suite of affordable and effective GDPR training and certifications taught by top industry experts. Train your entire staff with our role-based Employee Awareness Certificate.  This is designed for all employees, whether be technical or non-technical.  This certificate even has a course designed specifically for C-Level executives.

We offer a GDPR Foundation certificate designed for your information security professionals, compliance officers, or risk and privacy managers.

If you need expert-level training, such as for your Data Protection Officer’s and senior managers, we offer a GDPR Practioner certificate.

Furthermore, we offer a Microsoft 365 security and compliance certificate.  This training helps you use Microsoft 365 as a solution for GDPR compliance within your organization.  It combines Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) to provide enterprise-level security to your organization.

Check us out

Like I said before, GDPR day is only the beginning.  Start your GDPR compliance journey today by training your employees for complete data protection awareness. Check out to check out the entire library of our GDPR training offerings and sign up for a free trial.

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CyberTraining 365 is an online academy that offers nearly 1,000 hours of relevant and cutting-edge cybersecurity and GDPR training. Our training provides the most in-demand industry certification prep courses including EC-Council, CompTIA, (ISC)2 and Cisco; all taught by leading cyber security experts. All of our offerings are aligned with the national initiative for cybersecurity education (NICE) and ensure the most up-to-date information for this constantly shifting field. With engaging content in a scenario-based format, CyberTraining 365 uses bite-sized micro-learning methodology ensures learners are not overwhelmed with information. On Demand, LMS platform has white-label capabilities ideal for internal training purposes.

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