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GDPR Day Has Commenced

GDPR day

GDPR Day has commenced May 25th is finally upon us, which means GDPR day has commenced. Many companies are likening GDPR to the dreaded Y2K we faced at the end of the last millennium.  Sure, it is true that they do share a sense of major consequences if requirements aren’t… Read more »

Do you need fresh consent from everyone to comply with GDPR?

Well the answer is not that simple because the GDPR has set the bar pretty high when it comes to consent. First off, if you already have an existing relationship with customers who have purchased goods or services from you, it may not be necessary to obtain fresh consent. Also… Read more »

What is considered personal data and what rights do individuals have?

The ultimate goal of the GDPR is to ensure that the private data of EU citizens remains just that — private. In this GDRP minute, we discuss what is considered data under the GDPR and what rights do individuals have when it comes to their data. The GDPR definition of… Read more »

The GDPR versus the IRS

GDPR versus the IRS

The two year GDPR transition period expires and the regulations officially go into effect on May 25 of this year (2018). Naturally, a lot of businesses have a lot of questions….and a popular one we get from of our small and medium size clients is: Do we need to be… Read more »

Should I comply to the GDPR, even with customers outside the EU?

GDPR compliance

As we all know, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) highlights the European Union as a global pioneer when it comes to data protection.  Many experts believe that this will forcefully elevate privacy standards for businesses like yours that are outside of the EU as well, as implementing GDPR compliance… Read more »

GDPR is coming! Is your organization prepared?

GDPR Compliance

Prepare Your Business for the Impending GDPR Mandate  The countdown begins as organizations across the world are gearing up for the European Union’s latest privacy legislation.  This will affect every business in control of EU residents’ personal data.  It isn’t too late for you to start aligning your company, but… Read more »

What’s this GDPR thing about and why does it matter to me?

Microsoft 365 GDPR Compliance

What’s this GDPR thing about and why does it matter to me? Be prepared for this required, global regulatory compliance mandate by enabling Microsoft 365 compliance controls.  How companies across the globe approach data security and compliance is about to shift dramatically this upcoming May, and chances are your company… Read more »

Microsoft 365: Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Security

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365: Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Security The news is riddled with headlines of increasingly more enterprises being compromised by data breaches. This causes business owners across the globe to be alarmed of the security of their own company’s data. In fact, a security portal that collects cybersecurity data reported that there were 1,061… Read more »

Drafting Cyber Security Policy for your Company

cyber security policy

Drafting Cyber Security Policy for your Company The aspects you need to cover when drafting or updating your company’s cyber security policy- from employee responsibilities to federal compliance policies. Drafting cyber security policy for your company can seem an overwhelming task. There is so much to cover and it all… Read more »

Why Train Employees in Cyber Security?

train employees in cyber security

Why Train Employees in Cyber Security? Cyber security is often an afterthought for businesses, and this can be detrimental. Many companies don’t provide cyber security awareness training to employees, nor their IT teams in the technical aspects. Those that do, rarely follow up that training going forward. Cyber security is… Read more »