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How to secure e-PHI true to the Security Rule under HIPAA


When working for a care provider, it’s important you understand all of HIPAA’s requirements, but many of your responsibilities, as a security professional, reside in the Security Rule. Whether you work in the healthcare industry or have been reading up on the industry, you’ve probably heard the acronym HIPAA occasionally… Read more »

Do you need fresh consent from everyone to comply with GDPR?

Well the answer is not that simple because the GDPR has set the bar pretty high when it comes to consent. First off, if you already have an existing relationship with customers who have purchased goods or services from you, it may not be necessary to obtain fresh consent. Also… Read more »

Need-to-Know GDPR Terminology for Compliance Success- Part 3

GDPR Terminology

GDPR from A-Z The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is only two months away and many are still confused about the taxonomy used throughout the legislation, rendering them unable to understand the resources they need to prepare for compliance. This cheat sheet of GDPR terminology, from P to Re, can… Read more »

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Reporting

GDPR data reporting

  A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Reporting So, you’re trying to make sense of these new data protection regulations being implemented by the European Union. Breaking down your compliance process into steps can help make the task a little easier.  By now you should have discovered the data… Read more »

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Protection

GDPR data protection

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Protection Welcome back to our blog series explaining how to achieve effective GDPR compliance through four simple steps.  The main objective of GDPR legislation is to protect and empower all EU citizens with stringent information rights.  After you have discovered the data that… Read more »

The GDPR versus the IRS

GDPR versus the IRS

The two year GDPR transition period expires and the regulations officially go into effect on May 25 of this year (2018). Naturally, a lot of businesses have a lot of questions….and a popular one we get from of our small and medium size clients is: Do we need to be… Read more »

Getting GDPR Compliance Right with these Toolkits

GDPR toolkits

Need more help with GDPR preparations? We’ll give you an overview of Microsoft’s, and a few others’, GDPR toolkits, available to you now. As you should now know, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be instated in the EU beginning May 25th, 2018. This new regulation will not only… Read more »

How to Protect your Data for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

How to Protect your Data for GDPR Compliance The goal for GDPR compliance is to protect your company’s sensitive data from exposure to threats.  Not to mention, if your company is not taking steps to protect the data of your employees and customers, you will be fined for non-compliance. We… Read more »

Data Governance is the Key to Successful GDPR Compliance

GDPR Myths Debunked

Is your company prepared for the GDPR compliance that is set to be mandated on May 25th, 2018?  It is imperative that your company is complying with GDPR as you will likely be obligated under this serious legislation. We want to help you avoid the threat of heavy fines and… Read more »

Should I comply to the GDPR, even with customers outside the EU?

GDPR compliance

As we all know, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) highlights the European Union as a global pioneer when it comes to data protection.  Many experts believe that this will forcefully elevate privacy standards for businesses like yours that are outside of the EU as well, as implementing GDPR compliance… Read more »