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Train-Up or Hire-In? The Pros and Cons of IT Security Training

training or hiring

Train-Up or Hire-In? The Pros and Cons of IT Security Training Whether you’ve been hit with an attack, or are just seeing all the breaches happening in the news daily, you may be concerned that your security tools are just not going to cut it anymore. Along with data security… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Businesses Invest in Filling the Skills-Gap


Businesses Invest in Filling the Skills-Gap HealthDataManagement.com compared multiple reports which have been recently published about organizations combatting the growing skills-gap with spending increases in their data security endeavors. Looking at reports by Thales, Crowd Research Partners, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education as well as the 2017 Cybersecurity… Read more »

Hacking History: The 414s

the 414s

Hacking History: The 414s The 80’s Hacker Craze In the early 1980’s the internet and home-computer were relatively new and had yet to be accounted for, in the United States legal system. Innovation and progress moved faster than the bureaucratic system could keep up with, let alone predict. In 1983… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Cloudflare’s CloudBleed


CloudBleed, the Cloudflare Vulnerability In late February, Tavis Ormandy, Google security researcher, contacted Cloudflare, the web performance and security company, about a memory leak happening in their system due to a parser bug. Many companies, such as Salesforce, Uber and OK Cupid, use Cloudflare who touts Performance, Security Reliability and… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: 1st Practical SHA-1 Collision Attack


The 1st Practical SHA-1 Collision Attack Researchers from Google, the Cryptology Group at Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica in Amsterdam, published a paper last week about the first practical collision attack for the cryptographic hash function SHA-1. The attack method entails the collision of two PDF files by obtaining the SHA-1 signature… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: AWS Outage, Dridex Update, Boeing Faux-Pas


AWS Outage, Dridex Update, Boeing Faux-Pas A lot of big cyber security news happened at the end of February, here are some of the biggest stories, we thought you need to know about. Amazon Web Services Outage February 28th, Amazon’s oldest AWS server had an outage, taking many sites down… Read more »

Hacking History: The Chaos Computer Club (CCC)

Chaos Computer Club

Hacking History: The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is the oldest hacking group (I would even say, oldest hacktivist group) known in history, but also brings us all the way to 1981. Before we go into the CCC’s history, let’s do a little catch up to… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: LeakedSource Server Confiscated


#CyberHeadlines: LeakedSource Server Confiscated LeakedSources Shuts Down LeakedSources, a popular site for amateur hackers, has allegedly had its server confiscated by U.S. law enforcement. PC World quotes users on HackForums.net who claim that any amateur hackers who paid for information from this site now has all of their personal info… Read more »

Hacking History: The Enigma Machine

Enigma Machine

Hacking History: The Enigma Machine While this series is to be (mainly) about the figures who paved the way for hackers’ futures; the enigma machine requires a post of its own due to its sordid past. Aside from the Enigma Machine being a devise used for Nazi communication during World… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: 2016 The Year of Ransomware


2016 The Year of Ransomware Kaspersky Lab 2016 Ransomware Report Kaspersky Lab has deemed 2016 “The year of ransomware”. In a recent report they published, ransomware attacks went up eleven fold from January 2016 to September 2016 with 62 new ransom families detected, one in five businesses worldwide suffered from a… Read more »