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#CyberHeadlines: Cyber Security Assurance Report Card


#CyberHeadlines: Cyber Security Assurance Report Card Tenable Network Security’s 2017 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card In partnership with CyberEdge Group, Tenable Network Security published 2017 Global Cyber Security Assurance Report Card, in follow up to last year’s report. In this most recent report, they were not looking for actual effectiveness… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Avalanche Network Dismantled

#CyberHeadlines: Avalanche Network Dismantled The Avalanche Network has finally been dismantled by EU and US officials Last week in Europe, the European Union in conjunction with US authorities announced that they had disabled the Avalanche fraud network, responsible for 2/3 phishing attacks in 2009. The Avalanche group is a hacker… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Russian Cyber Pros and Trump’s Hacker Army

#CyberHeadlines: Russian Cyber Pros and Trump’s Hacker Army Russia claims to have stopped a cyber attack from a foreign spy service Russia’s Federal Security Service made a public statement on Friday that they had halted an attack meant to be carried out on Dec. 5th against a number of major… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: UK Cyber Security Legacy

#CyberHeadlines: UK Cyber Security Legacy Legacy WWII coding building now cybersecurity school in UK The Government Code and Cipher School at Bletchley Park is returning to its cyber security legacy, by being converted back into a school for cybersecurity. Bletchley Park is where Alan Turing cracked the Nazi Military’s Enigma Machine… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Rule 41 Amendment

#CyberHeadlines: Rule 41 Amendment Rule 41 Amendments are now in place Earlier this year, the FBI was granted a warrant allowing them to hack computers visiting a dark net child pornography site via Playpen on Tor. Initially, they reportedly hacked 1,000 users who visited the site by distributing a malware… Read more »

The Big Four: 2017 Cyber Security Predictions

Top 4 Cyber Security Predictions for 2017 Cyber security is a consistently growing field, as technology innovates rapidly and hackers become increasingly clever. We’ve seen advancements in hacking and information security at exponential rates over the last few years. With bigger DDoS attacks than ever and entire counties being overrun… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Canadian Recruit Site Hacked

#CyberHeadlines: Canadian Recruit Site Hacked Canadian Army Recruitment Website Hacked Last week, the Canadian Defense Ministry was forced to take down its recruitment site after hackers were redirecting would-be recruits to an official Chinese government landing page. Evidently, Canadian government websites have been susceptible to many hacks in the past…. Read more »

Cyber Threats: Ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware

Cyber Threats: Ransomware In October 2016, I attended a SecureWorld conference in Bellevue, WA. The hot topic of the event? Ransomware. I realized that I had left ransomware out of my cyber threats series, hence this post. This one is going to be a bit different, however. I’ll be giving… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: FriendFinder Breach

#CyberHeadlines: FriendFinder Breach FriendFinder Hacked Again Last week, FriendFinder experienced the biggest hack of 2016 with over 412 million accounts being compromised, according to Leaked Source. FriendFinder Networks runs AdultFriendFinder.com, cams.com, icams.com, stripshow.com and used to run penthouse.com (thought somehow still had data from penthouse.com members). With such sensitive data… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Cybersecurity Training Deemed Insufficient

#CyberHeadlines: Cybersercurity Training Deemed Insufficient Report finds Training insufficient for defending against Insider Threats A recent report by Experian and the Poneman Institute shows that prescribed cybersecurity training is being deemed insufficient in combatting insider threats. Aside from companies failing to put incentives and other programs in place, the training… Read more »