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Spooky Stats for Cyber Security Awareness Month

cyber security awareness month

Spooky Stats for National Cyber Security Awareness Month The last day of Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us, so let’s round up the month with some cybersecurity numbers from 2018 so far. October was dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. Here are some statistics from the… Read more »

GDPR Day Has Commenced

GDPR day

GDPR Day has commenced May 25th is finally upon us, which means GDPR day has commenced. Many companies are likening GDPR to the dreaded Y2K we faced at the end of the last millennium.  Sure, it is true that they do share a sense of major consequences if requirements aren’t… Read more »

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Protection

GDPR data protection

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Protection Welcome back to our blog series explaining how to achieve effective GDPR compliance through four simple steps.  The main objective of GDPR legislation is to protect and empower all EU citizens with stringent information rights.  After you have discovered the data that… Read more »

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Governance

GDPR data governance

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Governance Many companies such as yours are wondering where to begin making efforts towards GDPR compliance.  In our last blog, we discussed how data discovery is the first step to GDPR compliance.  Now we’ll discuss the second step in your journey to GDPR… Read more »

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Discovery

GDPR data discovery

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Discovery The EU’s GDPR imposes requirements on how organizations process both client data and internal company data. In order to comply, you must ensure that your company can easily locate and update personal data while ensuring that the data remains secure.  To do… Read more »

Data Governance is the Key to Successful GDPR Compliance

GDPR Myths Debunked

Is your company prepared for the GDPR compliance that is set to be mandated on May 25th, 2018?  It is imperative that your company is complying with GDPR as you will likely be obligated under this serious legislation. We want to help you avoid the threat of heavy fines and… Read more »

Should I comply to the GDPR, even with customers outside the EU?

GDPR compliance

As we all know, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) highlights the European Union as a global pioneer when it comes to data protection.  Many experts believe that this will forcefully elevate privacy standards for businesses like yours that are outside of the EU as well, as implementing GDPR compliance… Read more »

The Cloud Security Landscape

cloud security landscape

The Cloud Security Landscape At this point, you’ve definitely heard of the cloud. Everyone, especially businesses, is talking about moving to the cloud, and their concerns about the cloud security landscape. You already use cloud-based services such as Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon. However, like with most technologies, innovation precedes security,… Read more »

CyberSecurity Headlines: Safely Discarding Hard Drives

Announcements: Cyber Security Think Tank is now CyberTraining 365! We have added a new course towards Comptia’s A+ Certification on our site. Get all of the information about the certification here There are a few key ways to safely discard a solid state drive. One way to do is to… Read more »