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How to Protect your Data for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

How to Protect your Data for GDPR Compliance The goal for GDPR compliance is to protect your company’s sensitive data from exposure to threats.  Not to mention, if your company is not taking steps to protect the data of your employees and customers, you will be fined for non-compliance. We… Read more »

Data Governance is the Key to Successful GDPR Compliance

GDPR Myths Debunked

Is your company prepared for the GDPR compliance that is set to be mandated on May 25th, 2018?  It is imperative that your company is complying with GDPR as you will likely be obligated under this serious legislation. We want to help you avoid the threat of heavy fines and… Read more »

Should I comply to the GDPR, even with customers outside the EU?

GDPR compliance

As we all know, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) highlights the European Union as a global pioneer when it comes to data protection.  Many experts believe that this will forcefully elevate privacy standards for businesses like yours that are outside of the EU as well, as implementing GDPR compliance… Read more »

GDPR Deadline is Here, Fulfill your Needs with Microsoft Compliance

Microsoft’s Top 10 Areas of Compliance

GDPR Deadline is Here, Fulfill your Needs with Microsoft Compliance  Microsoft 365 has a multitude of features to help you navigate your industry’s compliance standards, along with federal and global regulatory compliance requirements.  Compliance is among the toughest challenges for businesses in the digital age. Aside from existing federal and… Read more »

2018 Top 5 Cyber Security Predictions: Attacks, Regulations and Innovation

We’re about mid-way through January of 2018, which means that it’s about time I follow up on my new tradition of sharing my top cyber security predictions of the new year! Check out last year’s predictions. The Big Four: 2017 Cyber Security Predictions   This year, in many ways, shares… Read more »

GDPR is coming! Is your organization prepared?

GDPR Compliance

Prepare Your Business for the Impending GDPR Mandate  The countdown begins as organizations across the world are gearing up for the European Union’s latest privacy legislation.  This will affect every business in control of EU residents’ personal data.  It isn’t too late for you to start aligning your company, but… Read more »

What’s this GDPR thing about and why does it matter to me?

Microsoft 365 GDPR Compliance

What’s this GDPR thing about and why does it matter to me? Be prepared for this required, global regulatory compliance mandate by enabling Microsoft 365 compliance controls.  How companies across the globe approach data security and compliance is about to shift dramatically this upcoming May, and chances are your company… Read more »