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7 Ways to Tell your System is Compromised

system compromised

How do you tell if your computer or accounts have been hacked? When we’re using our home computers, we don’t have an IT department to reach out to in order to troubleshoot our systems, servers and wi-fi for us. Below are seven, ways to tell for yourself if your system… Read more »

Spooky Stats for Cyber Security Awareness Month

cyber security awareness month

Spooky Stats for National Cyber Security Awareness Month The last day of Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us, so let’s round up the month with some cybersecurity numbers from 2018 so far. October was dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. Here are some statistics from the… Read more »

GDPR Day Has Commenced

GDPR day

GDPR Day has commenced May 25th is finally upon us, which means GDPR day has commenced. Many companies are likening GDPR to the dreaded Y2K we faced at the end of the last millennium.  Sure, it is true that they do share a sense of major consequences if requirements aren’t… Read more »

Hacking History: Clifford Stoll and Operation Showerhead

Clifford Stoll

Hacking History: Clifford Stoll and Operation Showerhead- the first Honey Pot In 1986, an astronomer named Clifford Stoll, had is grant cut and started a new job in the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), as a systems manager. Near the beginning of his new role, his boss asked him to investigate… Read more »

Hacking History: The 414s

the 414s

Hacking History: The 414s The 80’s Hacker Craze In the early 1980’s the internet and home-computer were relatively new and had yet to be accounted for, in the United States legal system. Innovation and progress moved faster than the bureaucratic system could keep up with, let alone predict. In 1983… Read more »

Hacking History: The Chaos Computer Club (CCC)

Chaos Computer Club

Hacking History: The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is the oldest hacking group (I would even say, oldest hacktivist group) known in history, but also brings us all the way to 1981. Before we go into the CCC’s history, let’s do a little catch up to… Read more »

Hacking History: Alan Turing

Hacking History

Hacking History: Alan Turing Alan Turing, sometimes known as the “Father of the Computer” (though I’d be more inclined to call him Grandfather of the Computer) and now widely known as the main character in “The Imitation Game”, is one of the most noted hackers of WWII as well as… Read more »

Hacking History: Nevil Maskelyne

Nevile Maskelyne

Hacking History: Nevil Maskelyne   We associate hackers with the most modern technologies, espionage and internet warfare, but hacking began long before the home computer was even conceptualized. You may have heard of the inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi. As the inventor of the wireless radio, he was a… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Avalanche Network Dismantled

#CyberHeadlines: Avalanche Network Dismantled The Avalanche Network has finally been dismantled by EU and US officials Last week in Europe, the European Union in conjunction with US authorities announced that they had disabled the Avalanche fraud network, responsible for 2/3 phishing attacks in 2009. The Avalanche group is a hacker… Read more »

The Big Four: 2017 Cyber Security Predictions

Top 4 Cyber Security Predictions for 2017 Cyber security is a consistently growing field, as technology innovates rapidly and hackers become increasingly clever. We’ve seen advancements in hacking and information security at exponential rates over the last few years. With bigger DDoS attacks than ever and entire counties being overrun… Read more »