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How to Protect your Data for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

How to Protect your Data for GDPR Compliance The goal for GDPR compliance is to protect your company’s sensitive data from exposure to threats.  Not to mention, if your company is not taking steps to protect the data of your employees and customers, you will be fined for non-compliance. We… Read more »

Data Governance is the Key to Successful GDPR Compliance

GDPR Myths Debunked

Is your company prepared for the GDPR compliance that is set to be mandated on May 25th, 2018?  It is imperative that your company is complying with GDPR as you will likely be obligated under this serious legislation. We want to help you avoid the threat of heavy fines and… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Three Unresolved Vulnerabilities


#CyberHeadlines: Three Unresolved Vulnerabilities Companies seem to like to deny security vulnerabilities found by cyber security experts. That’s why they remain largely unresolved. Here are three recent unresolved vulnerabilities which you are likely vulnerable to… Unresolved Vulnerabilities #1: Netgear flaw compromises thousands of devices open to attack On Friday, December… Read more »