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Spooky Stats for Cyber Security Awareness Month

cyber security awareness month

Spooky Stats for National Cyber Security Awareness Month The last day of Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us, so let’s round up the month with some cybersecurity numbers from 2018 so far. October was dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. Here are some statistics from the… Read more »

WannaCry Ransomware Roundup

WananCry Ransomware Roundup

On May 12, 2017, a new ransomware strain, deemed “WannaCry” (WannaCrypt), was found by Malwarebytes (an anti-malware software company). Programmed to run in 27 languages, the ransomware’s first major infection, which grabbed all our attention, was when it hit the National Health Service of Britain (NHS). British authorities said that… Read more »

The Big Cyber Threats Breakdown: Types of Cyber Attacks

cyber threats types of cyber attacks

The Big Cyber Threats Breakdown: Types of Cyber Attacks Last year, I published a series breaking down various cyber threats: how they work, infamous case studies and how to defend yourself against them. In this post, I have compiled the entire list amounting to nine types of cyber-attacks. I’ve added… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: UC Awareness Training; D.C. Police Hit with Ransomware; What’sApp Privacy Suit


#CyberHeadlines: UC Awareness Training; D.C. Police Hit with Ransomware; What’sApp Privacy Suit UC Davis Talks about Training https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/cybersecurity-training-worth-repeating/ Recently, UC Davis got hit with a phishing attack. Dave Jones, a faculty member at UC Davis, used this case as encouragement for the required, annual UC cybersecurity awareness training. He points… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: 2016 The Year of Ransomware


2016 The Year of Ransomware Kaspersky Lab 2016 Ransomware Report Kaspersky Lab has deemed 2016 “The year of ransomware”. In a recent report they published, ransomware attacks went up eleven fold from January 2016 to September 2016 with 62 new ransom families detected, one in five businesses worldwide suffered from a… Read more »

Hacks, Leaks and Breaches: Our Top 6 Stories of 2016

Hacks, Leaks and Breaches: Our Top 6 Stories of 2016 2016 brought more hacks, leaks and breaches to light than any previous year. Many of these issues will persist into 2017, especially with all the claims around the Russians hacking the DNC, a rise of DDoS-for-Sale services and ransomware continuing… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: MUNI Hack Resolved

#CyberHeadlines: MUNI Hack Resolved SFMTA was hit with ransomware in MUNI hack Recent history has really shown us how vulnerable our government really is to cyber-attacks. In 2015, over 20 million government employees’ data was exploited after someone hacked the US Office of Personnel Management; leading up to the 2016… Read more »

Cyber Threats: Ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware

Cyber Threats: Ransomware In October 2016, I attended a SecureWorld conference in Bellevue, WA. The hot topic of the event? Ransomware. I realized that I had left ransomware out of my cyber threats series, hence this post. This one is going to be a bit different, however. I’ll be giving… Read more »

#CyberHeadlines: Madison County Ransomware

#CyberHeadlines: Madison County Ransomware Madison County pays up on their ransomware November 5th 2016, Madison County, Indiana, was forced to revert back to a time of pre-internet, paper-and-pen functioning when their systems were hacked with ransomware. Luckily, their phone network was not compromised leaving 911 available for emergencies. They were… Read more »

The ABC’s of Cybersecurity: P- T

The ABC’s of Cybersecurity: P-T Cybersecurity can seem an intimidating undertaking requiring in-depth knowledge of computers and coding along with a whole new vocabulary to-boot. In this blog series, The ABC’s of Cyber Security, we’ll give you the base-knowledge you need to feel confident in approaching the subject of cyber… Read more »