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A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Reporting

GDPR data reporting

  A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Reporting So, you’re trying to make sense of these new data protection regulations being implemented by the European Union. Breaking down your compliance process into steps can help make the task a little easier.  By now you should have discovered the data… Read more »

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Protection

GDPR data protection

A Simple Journey to GDPR Compliance: Data Protection Welcome back to our blog series explaining how to achieve effective GDPR compliance through four simple steps.  The main objective of GDPR legislation is to protect and empower all EU citizens with stringent information rights.  After you have discovered the data that… Read more »

Understanding NICE in 2 Minutes (National Initiative for Cyber Security Education)

Video Blog: We get asked a lot what NICE is and what importance does it bring to the cyber security training space. In this video I give you a quick breakdown of how NICE was born, what benefits it brings to cyber security space, and why CyberSecurityThinkTank.com was one of… Read more »

What is CyberTraining 365?

As we all know the number of cyber attacks has grown every year and in 2015 alone hundreds of companies lost over $575 billion due to these hack attacks. Now, more than ever, companies and government organizations are desperate to protect their infrastructure and applications against additional attacks. The influx… Read more »

Ukraine Power Plant Hack and What You Need To Know

Video Blog: The Ukraine power plant hack happened and how do we make sure it doesn’t happen again. In this first episode of a multiple part blog series, I sit down with Dennis Skarr to really understand the basics of the attack that knocked out power for over 80,000 people… Read more »

CyberSecurityThinkTank.com is the Solution to the Industry Skill Gap

Cyber security sector is suffering from a severe skill gap with over 1 million unfilled jobs worldwide. While rest of technology sectors are advancing at significant rates, cyber security is falling behind and it’s just a matter of time before we are faced with a catastrophic event where governments are disrupted and… Read more »

CyberSecurity challenges in the US Military and Academia

Video Blog: As we know CyberSecurity challenges exist in every sector of the industry. Today I had an opportunity to sit down with Dennis Skarr to discuss some of these challenges in two major sectors: Academia and Military. Dennis is a CyberSecurity College Instructor and a Military Security Analyst. According… Read more »